More Unique Father’s Day Presents

Father’s Day is a wonderful time of year for men. It’s a wonderful time to honor them and a wonderful time to buy for them. Let’s first talk about honoring our fathers. It is true that we have many homes without fathers. My heart goes out to those mothers and children who are not blessed […]

Father Day Gifts That Are Not Ties

I remember past Father’s Day celebrations well. Mom would buy dad something he asked for while us kids would use his money (our allowance) to buy him something I am positive he not only didn’t want, but didn’t need as well. Sure, I know…it’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately, the only thought I have about […]

Father’s Day Crystal Keepsakes

If you are looking for a special and unique Father’s Day gift, laser engraved crystal might be perfect option for you. Father’s are generally fond of electronic gadgets. But if you find it difficult to find gadgets or your father has plethora of gadgets already, you can never go wrong with engraved crystal gift. Remember […]

Steak For Father’s Day

It’s a trite, but often repeated saying: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why, when Father’s Day rolls around, do we buy endless ties and “message” T shirts? Is the way to his heart through his clothes? Not likely. It’s the stomach, people, and that means good food. For many […]

Father’s Day Dad Jokes

What better way to give dad a great day than to make him smile. With some funny Father’s Day jokes, you can do just that. This sampling of Father’s Day jokes from all over the internet will surely tickle your father’s funny bone this Father’s Day. One evening, while sitting around the dinner table, a […]

10 More Great Father’s Day Gifts

Ok, so Father’s Day is approaching and you’d rather go to the dentist than buy another tie. Save the appointment for wisdom teeth trouble and make shopping a little easier. Here are 10 gift ideas for Father’s day that are sure to bring a SINCERE smile to his face. 10. Father of the Year Plaque […]

What To Do For Your Husband On Father’s Day

No, I am not talking about picking up the dry cleaning or filling the dishwasher. That “To Do” list will just have to wait for another day. Things for a wife to do on father’s day are special and celebratory of the fact that this man is your husband and the father of your kids. […]

Great Father’s Day Gifts

Going to a store to buy a gift for dad this Father’s Day may be the easy route to take. However, you should take a look at these terrific gifts to make for Father’s Day so that it is personalized and so dad feels super special: A Father’s Survival Kit – Take a box of […]

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